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We have been trading for 24 years, serving the Air Gunners of the UK.

We only sell official imported guns that come with full UK importer or manufacturer warranty.

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Please note you will need to supply us with ID to buy any airgun.

All prices are subject to change without notice, due to price and currency exchange rates

 Price increases on Webley products are beyond our control.

New prices from 1st December  2015

All prices quoted do not include scopes or any other accessories unless stated.

Combo deals are available on all Webley rifles ask for details.

Collectable Webley & Scott Hurricane Birmingham made 0.177 cal

Mint condition boxed with scope rail



Image result for webley raider ten magazine

Webley & Scott Raider Ten Shot Magazine .22 cal

= 25.00 in stock

Webley Sidewinder .22 cal spare magazines

Brand New = 35.00 each

Webley MKV1 Service Exhibition  Model Rifles Barrel 0.177 cal

Pellet firer Stainless Finish.


Webley MkV1 Service Revolver .177 cal  New Pellet Firing Rifled Barrel  Model 

 Co2 Powered

Based on the 1937 Webley Service MK V1

Detailing is fantastic.

Blued/Black Finish model = 219.99

Webley MkV1 Service Revolver .Co2 Powered

Based on the 1937 Webley Service MK V1

Detailing is fantastic.


Webley MkV1 Service Revolver .Co2 Powered

Based on the 1937 Webley Service MK V1

Detailing is fantastic.

New Model .177 cal Pellet Firing  with rifled barrel.,

Battlefield Finish model = 229.99



Webley Zoraki ..0 .177 or o,22 cal

Comes in Webley Hard Plastic Carry Case.

 = 276.99

Webley MKV1 Leather Holster = 42.99 in stock

New Webley & Scott Spector  SRM .22 cal full power long range

 Spring powered rifle includes factory silencer

Base rifle only 176.99 in stock

Combo kit includes Hawke scope and mounts and lined bag and pellets .



Webley VMX Full Power Long Range Spring Powered Rifle.

Black ABS Stock in .177 or .22 cal

 = 145.00 gun only




Webley Raider 10 shot

pre charged .22  model basic gun only inc silencer.

 Base rifle boxed = 646.00

Ambi beech stock only

 New Webley Tempest .177 or .22 cal = 234.99


Stingray Quantum full power springer .177 or .22 cal

base rifle only = 325.99



Webley's New Zoraki  

Single stroke pneumatic, easy to cock adjustable power available in .177 cal and  .22 cal.

Very well made and ingenious power source, match grade barrel.

includes hard plastic case oil and barrel cleaner rod

 = 276.99  .177 and .22 cal models both in stock

Left handed Grips  = 54.99   ( special order only)


Deben Bipod 6-9 Tilt

Deben Tilt 6-9" Pro Bipod fits onto swivel stud.

from = 55.00 in stock

Stock fixing stud = 5.99 extra, not included with bipod.

Gun filling charging equipment

PCP Gun Charging kit 300bar

 Complete with hose and gauge, boot, Carry Handle and full of air ready to go.

 Callers only.

 4Ltr = 235.00  in stock.


Image result wey dey for kral logo



Kral Stainless Three Stage PCP Power Pump.

Includes Oil Filled Air Guage, Anti Kink Hose with QD Hose Lock , Air Filter and Service Kit.

= 175.00






All prices quoted do not include scopes or extras unless stated .

If you are unable to find the item you are looking for on our site please call us, we may have it in stock but not on the web.

Telephone Alan or Jay on Rotherham 01709 702454

email  alan@alansairrifles.co.uk