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Please note you will need to supply us with ID to buy any airgun.

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All prices are subject to change without notice. New Prices from 1st Feb 2014

All BSA guns come with a 24 mouth guarantee see bottom of page for condition.

All prices listed are for base rifle only, all scopes and silencer are extra  unless stated.

Combo deals available on all BSA rifles ask for details.


 New model  BSA R10 mk 2 Super Carbine

= 780.00

Our Price = 699.99

Walnut Stocked rifles in both .177 and .22 cal in stock

 Walnut stock model our prices = 699.99

BSA R10 Mk 2 VC  Woodland  new models both with beech stocks .177 or .22 cal  both in stock

 Recomended Retail price = 780.00

Our price = 699.00

Sorry no Left Handed Stock available in Camo only in Walnut

Our Price = 699.00   Both .177 & .22 cal models in stock it includes VC silencer, note the scope is extra.

Come and see this new BSA Woodland VC it looks even better in flesh, demand will be high for this new BSA.

BSA R10 VC Mk 2 Walnut stock .

Our Price Only = 699.00

Also in stock in the new  Super Carbine R10 Mk2

BSA R10 Mk 2 VC  Black Tactical new models both with beech stocks .177 or .22 cal  both in stock.

 Recommended Retail price = 780.00  Our price = 699.00

  includes VC silencer, note the scope is extra.

Sorry no Left Handed Stock available in Black only in Walnut


BSA R10 Mk2 .177 or .22 cal Bull  Barrel Woodland Stock

Recommended Retail price = 780.00  Our price = 699.00 scope is extra.

also available with Black Stock at the same price.

 Recommended Retail price = 780.00  Our price = 699.00 scope is extra.


BSA R10 Mk 2  Flagship model Walnut stock Bull Barrel available in .177 and .22 cal

 Recommended Retail price = 780.00  Our price = 699.00 scope is extra.

Special BSA VC R10 Silencer = 50.00 the only silencer that fits all three calibres .177, .22, .25 cal

BSA Scorpion SE Multishot Woodland stock .177 .22 and .25 cal availble

= 629.00

Our price = 599.00

Right hand only in woodland stock


BSA Scorpion SE Multishot Tactical  available in .177 .22 .25 cal

RRP = 589.00

Our Price = 550.00

Right handed only in tactical stock.

 BSA Scorpion SE multi 10 shot  available in .177 .22 or .25 cal

 BSA recommended price  Walnut stock for just basic rifle = 689.00

Our price = 640.00

Combo kit includes Hawke 3x9x50 scope/mounts lined bag plus pellets = 725.00

Left handed version available

 New BSA Scorpion Cadet 3P with green ABS stock .177 cal only

Ten shot supplied with single shot tray and target sights.

Power 6.5 ft lbs Target Rifle.

= 499.00 to special order only

This rifle is designed specially  for target shooting.


Lightning XL SE  GRT Gas Ram powered rifle.

= 360.00

New model with new stock, trigger and safety .



BSA Lightning XL SE Spring powered  New model.

 = 323.00

New model with new stock, trigger and safety.



New BSA Ultra SE Multi Shot Black ABS stock available in .177 .22 and .25 cal

RRP = 519.00

 Our price = 499.00

now available in multi colour ABS stocks in  Black, Olive, Red, Pink, Camo, Orange at no extra cost .


Ultra SE Single Shot

= 379.00

note picture is a multi shot not single shot

Multi Shot Ultra SE = 549.00 Beech Stock

Our price = 510.00

.00 for multi shot.

Left handed version available

New BSA Ultra SE with new bolt loading system now in stock beech stock.

New model Ultra SE now gets approx 50 shots in .22 cal per charge.

that's approx 20 % more than the original Ultra

Now fitted with a pressure guage.

 Recommended Retail price = 549.00 beech stock 

Our price = 510.00 scope is extra.

Left handed version available

New BSA Ultra SE Tactical Multi shot

Recommended  Retail price = 519.00 Tactical stock

Our price = 485.00 scope is extra.

BSA VC Silencer  and scope not included .


BSA Lightning SE - GRT  Retail price = 335.00


Scorpion SE Multi shot Carbine

 available in .177 .22 cal and .25 cal to special order

30% more shots per 232 bar charge over Scorpion, New light weight hammer "fast strike" hammer system, pressure gauge fitted, new self - actuating magazine system for trouble free shooting, enhanced trigger, new ambidextrous beech stock or tactical synthetic stock also available  latter a walnut stock.

shots per fill at 12ft lbs = .177 cal 65 shots = .22 cal 96 shots

 BSA Retail price = 689.00 Beech stock

Our price = 640.00 for Beech stock

Tactical stock Scorpion SE Multi shot  BSA Retail price = 589.00

Our price = 550.00


Lightning XL GRT Gas Ram Power

New Beech Stock

= 360.00





Supersport SE

 = 233.00  Beech stock

Classic break action full power, available in .177 .22  cal





Lightning SE

Retail price =  290.00





Lightning XL Tactical

 = 310.00



Supersport SE

Retail price = 233.00





Meteor Mk7

 = 165.00


New light weight alloy  BSA Magazines in stock .177 & .22 cal = 47.00

New type not suitable for older BSA or spring models.





BSA metal magazines milled out of solid alloy  = 52.00 each to fit all multi shot BSAs

Limited stock in both .177  cal sorry sold out of .22 cal

This model will work on all multi shot rifles both spring or PCP

News a brand new BSA Silencer the Variable Choke that is supplied with a .177 cal choke a .22 choke fitted also fits .25 cal. This is the only silencer designed special for .177 and .25  cal air rifles. In stock now = 50.00 

note callers only and bring ID the same as for buying a rifle.

Accessories -> Pre-charged Accessories 177 -> 200cc Superten Buddy Bottle

Aluminium bottle 200cc  232 bar fill pressure 100.00

New bottle O ring seal = 2.00 each

 note callers only, we can not send cylinders through the post.

Umarex Trigger Lock includes two keys fits most pistols and rifles.

= 9.99

Keep your guns safe and sound away from children.

Accessories -> Covers & Shotgun Cases -> Polytwill Bags

BSA  Polytwill with pocket in three sizes 110cms length = 44.99each

This bag is top quality with large side pocket and carry handle and shoulder strap.


Deben Bipod 6-9 Tilt

Deben  6-9" Pro Bipod fits onto swivel stud.

 from = 69.99 in stock

Fixing stock stud = 5.99 extra, not included with bipod 


Gun filling charging equipment


BSA Filling adaptor kit = 20.00

Gun filling charging equipment

Gun filling charging equipment

PCP Gun Charging kit 300bar

 Complete with hose and gauge, boot, Carry Handle and full of air ready to go.

 Callers only.

 4Ltr = 217.00  in stock















Webley's New Latest  High Pressure Charging Air TRI Pump 3 Stage

complete with hose, Tri-filter system  = 169.00

All our BSA Guns carry a two year warranty against faulty parts includes labour, this applies to new rifles only and is not transferable; proof of purchase is required. Excluded from this warranty are : failure due to misuse or abuse, fitting of none-standard parts, and fair wear and tear. Stocks are excluded from any warranty.



If you are unable to find the item you are looking for on our site please call us, we may have it in stock but not on the web.

Telephone Alan or Jay on Rotherham 01709 702454

email  alan@alansairrifles.co.uk

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