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Welcome to Alan's Air Rifles web site , we started trading in 1993  & has grown into a well respected Local Business priding ourselves in giving our customers the very best service. How time passes so quickly we have now been trading over  25 years . Our customer base covers a large area including all of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and even further south and north because of the easy access from the M1, M18 and A1 motorways, All in easy access reach of our shop via the motorway network. We are just minutes from junction One off the M18 motorway which is mid  way between the M1 and the A1 motorways.    Our experience of Air Gun Shooting is over  57 years. Unlike most other shooting gun shops in the UK we specialise only in Air Gun Shooting only this is our main service that we provide to our customers.  The business is family run by Alan & Jay and  we are here to help you our customer make the very  best choice of air weapon for the purpose you have in mind . We  pride ourselves on giving  the best service and advice possible . You will be repaid for your custom with quality service that only a family  retailer can supply. We stock in our shop a broad selection of Air Rifles and  extensive range of  Multi shot  Co2 Air Pistols which is the most extensive collection of air pistols in the area. We  also keep in stock  Pre Charged Air Rifles and   the latest  Spring powered  Walther range of rifles. We also stock the budget type Gamo  Air Rifle for the occasional vermin control use for customers not needing to purchase the more expensive air weapon. Check out our selection in our Air Guns pages and look on our Second hand and our new Collectors Corner web pages. Shooting accessories all in stock. If you can not find the item that you are looking for on our website  please give us a call 

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 Hot Line contact number 01709 702454

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Phone Alan or Jay on 01709 702454

Address Alan's Air Rifles

115 Main Street,



South Yorkshire,

S66 2SE

We only sell none licensed Air Rifles, customer must be over 18 years old and provide ID to buy any Air Rifle or Air Pistol. All sale must be face to face with ID with the exception of a Dealer Transfer, contact us for more details.

Please note: We only sell official imports that are covered by full UK Warranty. Beware of unofficial imports they may not be  legal or full power and will not be covered by manufacturer  importer's warranty.

Come and see our selection of Air Rifles and Air and Co2 Pistols we have the largest selection

of Air and Co2 multi shot Pistols in the area.

Every effort is made to keep our web site up to date with the correct prices, but prices may change without notice, our second hand airgun sell quickly so do keep checking the second hand page for the bargain .

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New Items

Gamo Phox New PCP Ten shot. = 499.00  in stock.

New Model made by BSA in Birmingham the New Gamo Phox Ten Shot PCP 0.22 cal

Comes as a complete Kit Only which includes Gamo 3x9x40 scope ,

Whisper silencer, Gamo Lined Gun Bag, High Pressure Charging  Pump.

Complete Kit = 499.00 in Stock

Do not miss out on the Fantastic PCP Offer.

BSA R10 SE Super Carbine with  Walnut stock Bull Barrel

 New Model has a new regulator and Bull Barrel and Silencer

New R10 SE new comes with two magazines and silencer included.

 RRP = 829.00   

Our Special Offer Price = 750.00

In Stock

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Dealer Transfer available  to a RFD Gun Dealer near you, call for more details.

We are members of The Gun Trade Association which ensures you of our quality of service  repairs. 

        We are Register Fire Arms Dealers in Air Guns by South Yorkshire Police                    

New legislation governing the sale of Air Guns: From October 1st  2007  new legislation. The age limit for owning and purchasing Air Guns and pellets has change to 18 years of age. Only Registered Fire Arms Dealers will be allowed to sell Air Guns by way of trade or business. All sales will be face to face and records will be kept the sale of Air Guns and the name and address of the owner of the air weapons will be recorded in a Fire Arms Register this includes silencers. You will be required to show us your identification including your name and address and proof of age.  No mail order on Air Guns or  pressure bearing parts : eg  barrels, silencers, air cylinder / receiver   or piston assemblies will not be allowed under the new legislation, this dose not apply to replacement springs or piston seals or guns returned to us for servicing of repair for new parts. The above parts can be replaced by us but the old unserviceable parts will be retained by us, just send us your rifles and we will change the unserviceable parts for you and return the rifle through the post.  Accessories mailing  will still be allowed  after October 1st 2007 . This information is a guide only for full regulations contact your local Police Fire Arms Licensing Department.

News: Airgun Storage : It will become an offence not to store airguns safely out of the reach of minors. This is only common sense, careless storage of airguns and pellets will become an offence. No one would ever place a loaded airgun in a child's hands, so act responsible and store  your airguns away from any minors. We have just taken delivery of a selection of safe gun locking cables and locks to secure your rifle only 9.99, a small price to pay for piece of mind security against un wanted use of your air guns. It is an offence to allow a minor access to air guns, always store your air gun safely. We also have in stock lockable pistol hard plastic cases for storage and transportation. Minors must be supervised by an adult over 21years old. when using an air gun. This information is a guide only for full regulations contact your local Police Fire Arms Licensing Department.

Servicing and Repairs Department  Spare parts: We undertake servicing & repairs in our workshop & also stock spares for the most popular makes & models. We also can service old and collectable air rifles and pistols and supply parts to special order .We also offer a refinishing service with special silk black finishing.  You will still be allowed to return your Air Guns  to us through the post  for our service and repairs department. Any spare parts placed on special order must be paid for in full on placing an order for none stock parts. We can change damaged barrels, air cylinders, pistons and silencers. But old ones will be retained after the exchange of parts for new ones.  Pressure bearing parts required as spare parts will not be allowed to supply you through the post see guideline above. Pressure bearing spare parts will have to be collected in person from our shop. Personnel identification will be required including name and address which must be recorded in our Fire Arms Register. Note that any air gun left for repair or service  or examination and not paid for in advance may be disposed of if not collected after a three months period from the date of being ready for collection. This is a condition of acceptance of our service department. Storage charges after four weeks in our care any gun will be charged 5.00 per week plus vat storage charge, if after three months the gun has not been collected and paid for the gun will become our property and may be sold.

Check out our Second Hand and Collectable Airgun pages for mint condition bargains. including pre charged rifles and pistols. Most of our Second Hand Air Guns are all covered under our guarantee for 30 days from date of purchase but this guarantee excludes stocks and scopes or if the airgun has been tampered with or misused. Please note that all  old or collectable airguns  are purchased without any guarantee.

Scopes: We stock a wide range of   Hawke and Nikko Sterling scopes from budget priced to target scopes  

What ever your  needs call our Hot Line  01709 702454   and discus your requirements. . Why not come and see us or give us  a call on our order hot line.

Insurance Claim Estimates  (UK only) :- lost, stolen, damaged, replacement, estimates to your Insurance Company for replacement or repair of Air Guns or Fishing Tackle, we make a small charge of 5.00 to cover expenses and that charge is refundable if we are replacing the goods . Just email us with your requirements.

Gun Safety :This advice is given as a guide and not a definitive document. Look at the Shooting Code of Practice on the BASC web site for a more detailed information.  Never point a gun at anyone even if not loaded. Keep guns safe and do not allow children to have access to any gun without supervision from an adult. Children under fourteen years old must be supervised by a person over 21years of age . Check your barrel every time you have finished shooting for a pellet before you replace it in gun case. Empty your magazine of all pellets after you have finished shooting it is not good enough just to remove the magazine it is not legal to carry a loaded magazine in a public place. Be aware of your shooting ground never fire a gun if the back ground is not safe. Obey the law and shoot with consideration for others they may not have the same view on shooting as you . Never shoot without insurance join a shooting organisation such as BASC contact number uk 01244 573030 and you will receive 5 million 3rd party insurance cover plus lots of other benefits. It is your responsibility to keep your guns inside the legal limits. Only shoot over land that you have permission from the land owner .Ask the land owner to put your permission in writing , this will save time if you are ever stopped and questioned by the authorities .Follow the Shooting Codes of Practice at all times.


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